Meet Zeus
Animal ID 55203510 
Species Dog 
Breed Mixed Breed, Medium (up to 44 lbs fully grown)/Mix 
Age 1 year 3 months 22 days 
Gender Male 
Size Medium 
Color Brown/Black 
Declawed No 
Site Humane Society of Harford County 
Location Dog Kennel Wing-Blue 
Stage Available
Meet Zeus, the lively one-year-old pup whose playful antics and infectious energy light up the room. At just one-year-old, Zeus is a bundle of energy and excitement, always ready to embark on new adventures and make lasting memories with his favorite humans. But Zeus's playful nature is just one part of what makes him so special. He's also incredibly sweet and affectionate, with a heart as big as his love for playtime. Whether he's showering his loved ones with slobbery kisses or snuggling up close for a cuddle session, Zeus's love knows no bounds, and his presence brings warmth and comfort to all who are lucky enough to be in his company. One of Zeus's favorite games is tug-of-war, and he's always up for a friendly match with his favorite people. With his boundless enthusiasm, Zeus gives his all in every game, his tail wagging furiously as he tugs and pulls with all his might. Whether he wins or loses, Zeus's playful spirit shines through, and his joy is infectious to all who join him in the game. And when Zeus gets really excited, he can't help but do his signature "tippy taps" dance. With his front paws bouncing up and down in excitement, Zeus's tippy taps are a sight to behold, and they never fail to bring a smile to the faces of those around him.