Meet Courtesy Post: NoNa
Animal ID 50543275 
Species Dog 
Breed Bulldog, French/Terrier, Boston 
Age 10 months 15 days 
Gender Female 
Housetrained Partially 
Intake Date 6/27/2022 
Stage Available
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*This dog is not being fostered with BTRNC. Do not apply on our website. Direct all inquiries to: Please read this entire bio before applying.

We'd now like to direct your attention to this darling number, Nona. This sweet girl has had a rough start in life to say the least. Prior to her "rescue," her breeder wanted to euthanize her because of her health. He wouldn't make money on her, and she needed corrective surgery which he wasn't interested in doing for her. That's where her foster mom came in, and where we are going to help her, and Nona, find the perfect home. Here's what her foster mama wants you to know:

Nona is 75% French bulldog and 25% Boston terrier.

She is 9-months old and scheduled to be spayed soon. She will be available to go to her next home after she recovers from her spay, likely in late July.

A little background: At 7 weeks of age, it was extremely hard for Nona to breathe. It is uncommon for a dog this young to have a problem like this. It was determined that she had 1st stage laryngeal collapse and mild pectus excavatum. This meant her breathing was restricted and her organs are more compressed in her chest. Subsequently, Nona had palate surgery at NC State Veterinarian Hospital to help alleviate her breathing issues, and now she's doing so much better!

What does this all mean for Nona? Given her stage of laryngeal collapse, she should never, ever wear a collar or a harness as to avoid any restrictions near her throat.

No boarding her in a kennel or crating her because excessive barking can hurt her.

She is still a puppy which means she'll need to be reminded that playing too hard or running too long is not good for her given her limitations.

She's an in-your-face lickypoo! She's extremely affectionate and is great with kids (12+) and other dogs (not tested with cats).

She wants to have your full attention and to be by your side constantly. She prefers to sleep in your bed, rather than her own bed, and will lay on your legs if you let her. She can't jump up on the bed (doggy stairs or some human help is necessary), but she can jump off the bed all by herself.

She's pretty good off-leash in rural areas but REQUIRES a fenced-in yard at her permanent home.

She's nearly potty trained, but the breed is known for their small bladders. She'll need someone who is home a lot so she can be let out consistently.

She loves car rides, belly rubs, back scratches and fetching her ball for short play sessions.

Here is what her foster mama says will be the ideal home for Nona:
Fenced-in yard (a must)
Never crated or boarded in a kennel
No collars or harnesses that restrict her airway
Kids 12-years old or older would be great
A home without dogs or maybe one other
Someone who is home most of the time to allow her potty breaks often

Nona has a lot of love to give and many years of life to live. She loves children and would make a great companion to tweens on up. She would be okay with another doggy pal so long as she's monitored in how much play they engage in (sometimes a time-out is necessary).

We hope her next mom or dad are reading this right now and exclaiming, "This is the one I've been waiting for!" When you break it all down, she is a normal girl who can do most things any other dog can do but with a few caveats. Remember, if you are interested in Nona, send your inquiry to: