Meet Available: Bently
Animal ID 50475709 
Species Dog 
Breed Terrier, Boston 
Age 1 year 1 month 24 days 
Gender Male 
Housetrained Yes 
Intake Date 6/18/2022 
Stage Available
***** UPDATE *****
***** ADOPTABLE *****

*Please note: Due to the high volume of applications we receive daily, we are unable to respond to everyone personally. We do, however, review all applications and will contact you if you are a good match. Thank you for your understanding.

This handsome little ball of energy is Bently. Now before you climb all over yourself to apply, please read this bio in its entirety. Bently is a darling fella as you can see. I mean he's an absolute stunner. What you can't see from his photos, though, is that Bently has been working with a trainer to help him become a well-mannered boy. He requires structure, mental games and lots of physical activity to keep him happy (and you, too). Without those parameters, Bently may become unmanageable. That's bad for everyone. Our goal is to provide you with the most details so that Bently isn't returned. We will only consider applicants who are willing to do what is necessary to maintain his progress. Read on for more:

Age: 1 year old

Weight: 23 pounds

Health: Excellent though he may have a bit of a grass allergy (treating flareups with a veterinary-recommended spray)

Demeanor: Affectionate, sweet, quiet/mellow (sometimes), playful, medium energy, social, very curious, submissive with other dogs

Likes: People (including children), dog, cats, giving kisses, snuggling, being held, sitting in laps, car rides, LOVES walks, belly rubs, chew toys, stuffed/stuffless toys, burrowing under blankets

Dislikes: Sharing his food. He is very territorial (but who isn't 😉?)

Manners: Housebroken (with an occasional accident - this is where structure is important), crate trained, leash trained, verbal commands: no, sit, down, come, heel, out, place and kennel

Fenced Yard Required: No, but must remain on leash if outside

Tidbits: Bently is a super sweet and fun guy! He has the ability to be well behaved, but if you let him run amuck, he will!! He knows full on/off leash obedience and is a dream when kept in line. He loves to go for a long walk and then snuggle and give kisses on the way home. He has fairly high mental and physical stimulation needs. When the weather is nice, he keeps up on a 4-mile hike. He is treadmill trained which can be used for physical and mental stimulation during inclement weather. He also likes to eat his meals from different slow feeders (and away from other dogs) as he enjoys the mental challenge. He does resource guard his food so feeding him separately from other dogs is important. Bently enjoys dogs but does best when he is with dogs who will tell him when he is being too much.

Bently loves the water hose and is quite entertaining. He'd happily spend his entire day playing in the water or frolicking about the yard with a doggy buddy.

In a nutshell, Bently needs an active lifestyle, one that stimulates both his brain and body. He will not do well if he is not provided that type of environment. If you cannot provide him that, we ask that you do not apply. But for anyone who loves the idea of a companion who will keep up on long walks or hikes, who is willing to make sure he is challenged mentally, this is your answer, and his name is Bently. To fill out an application, click this link: