Meet Available: BoBo Davis
Animal ID 50446639 
Species Dog 
Breed Terrier, Boston 
Age 14 years 1 month 26 days 
Gender Male 
Housetrained Yes 
Intake Date 6/16/2022 
Stage Available
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*Please note: Due to the high volume of applications we receive daily, we are unable to respond to everyone personally. We do, however, review all applications and will contact you if you are a good match. That you for your understanding.

Introducing Bobo Davis. This elderly gentleman is about as sweet as they come. Being 14 means he has acquired all the skills necessary to make him the best Boston this side of the Mississippi! However, Bobo is now blind and nearly deaf which requires making some accommodations to make life a bit easier on him. Read on for more:

Age: 14 years old

Weight: 20 lbs

Health: Bobo is blind and almost deaf. He has some dental disease, a sensitive stomach (he's on Hill's Science Diet for Small Paws), seasonal allergies (he takes Benadryl once a day and his paws are wiped down after being outside), and he is anemic

Demeanor: Affectionate, sweet, quiet/mellow, playful (occasionally), couch potato, somewhat social, loner, curious, anxious and vocal (when he wants something)

Likes: People (including children 8+), dogs, playing tug-o-war, giving kisses, snuggling, being held, sitting in laps, short car rides, short walks (to the mailbox and back), belly rubs, stuffed/stuffless toys, sleeping in your bed, burrowing under blankets, quick baths

Dislikes: Vet's office, sharing toys, being crated, quick hands and movements, unfamiliar surroundings, being left alone

Manners: Housebroken (but can only hold it for approximately 3-4 hours) and leash trained. Crating him makes him anxious so no crating. Because he cannot hear, he does not respond to any verbal commands

Fenced Yard Required: Preferred. If not, he must be on leash at all times. Since he cannot see or hear, it's imperative that he is kept safe

Tidbits: BoBo is a very loving and affectionate dog. He loves licking you, cuddling with you and following you around the house. He is your typical old man who loves to lounge around and sunbathe! BoBo is blind so once he becomes familiar with the layout of your home, he manages to get about well. However, if you move things, he'll run into them (and occasionally will also run into the things that have not been moved). He does not like change. He must ALWAYS be monitored while outside. Bobo can get lost easily even in a fenced yard. If you have a back porch or raised deck, he must be watched to make sure he does not fall off. When outside during the day, he can sometimes find his way back to the door, but at night he must be picked up, put in the grass and then picked up to come back inside. He does have arthritis so if you have stairs in your home, he must be carried up and down them to prolong the life of his legs. In addition, his blindness can cause him to take a misstep and then tumble down the stairs. He sleeps in the bed with you at night, but he must be picked up and placed on the bed. In the morning, he needs to be lifted off the bed and carried outside immediately or he will have an accident on the way to the door. Due to his anemia, in cooler weather, Bobo will need to wear a sweater or coat. When he is left alone, he gets very anxious and has difficulty holding his bladder for very long. For this reason, Bobo needs a full-time caretaker. He is fine with children who are old enough to respect his age and understand that he isn't interested in being roughed up, poked at or pulled on. BoBo eats whenever HE is ready to eat, typically mid-morning. He CANNOT have table food or any dog treats that will upset his sensitive stomach. But his sniffer is in excellent working order, and he'll seek out any food that may be accessible to him.

BoBo is such a sweet old man, and he will steal your heart!!! If you love carrying around a dog like a baby or cuddling one, he's for you! He sleeps right up against you all night and never leaves your side! He is such little snuggle bug!! Maybe he's the right companion for you?

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