Species Dog 
Breed Terrier/Retriever, Labrador 
Age 8 months 28 days 
Gender Female 
Color Tan 
Declawed No 
Location Adoptable dogs 
Intake Date 6/14/2022 
Adoption Price $263.75 
Yahoo, my name is Lady and I am a high-energy pup looking for an active family. I am a typical older puppy who needs to practice manners and proper dog etiquette. I was transferred from an over-crowded shelter in Louisiana and I am very excited to be looking for my forever home in southeastern Wisconsin; everyone here is so nice. I am very tolerant with other dogs and know proper play bow communication; I enjoy playing with other pups and could share my home with a dog buddy. I have not taken my cat-test yet to see how I react around felines. If you have a kitty and are interested in adding me to your home, you should talk with someone at the shelter to find out when my test is scheduled to see if we'd be compatible. My family could include gentle and respectful children of all ages but remember I am an exuberant puppy who is still mouthy. I also like to jump on people because I get so excited; I could accidentally knock over a tiny tot. I weigh about 58-1/2 pounds now and have plans to grow a bit more, so it would be wise to take some classes soon to help me learn proper behavior and keep four-on-the-floor. I am very smart and already know the cues for ‘sit' and ‘shake/paw' and try to accept rewards more gently if you remind me to be ‘easy'. When I am out and about for a walk with the volunteers, they carry something called Bitter Apple and I have quickly learned that I do not like that at all; just seeing the bottle really helps to settle me down and become a bit more ladylike. I am a very energetic gal, so taking classes and learning new skills would be a fabulous way for me to burn some energy; maybe we could get involved in canine sports or rally. I also have a pretty spectacular nose so learning nose-work would put my snout to good use and give my brain a workout. I feel it is important to be mentally engaged so I hope to play games that stretch my mind and spend time with brain teaser toys. I am friendly, playful and outgoing; I will be devoted and loyal to you forever and love you unconditionally. When the band Styx wrote their song, they could have been writing about me - 'love shines in your eyes; sparkling, clear, and lovely'; I hope you'll want to make me your Lady. Stop by to meet me in person and check out my dynamic and dazzling personality with charm sprinkled on top.