Species Small&Furry 
Breed Guinea Pig/Guinea Pig 
Age 2 years 2 months 4 days 
Gender Male 
Color Orange 
Declawed No 
Location Small Animal Room 
Intake Date 6/7/2022 
Adoption Price $21.10 
*** I am bonded with my brother Fredric. We must be adopted together.***
Guinea pigs are personable, communicative and enjoy interaction with their family members. With good genes, a proper diet, a clean and spacious habitat, and daily mental and physical stimulation, their lifespan can reach 5-7 years. An ideal diet would include limitless hay and water, pellets, and daily veggies. Most guinea pigs do very well with children, providing the parents teach proper handling and supervise interactions as guinea pigs are small, therefore fragile, pets. Please consider bringing a lively little piggy into your life! You won't regret it!