Species Dog 
Breed Retriever, Labrador/Chinese Shar-Pei 
Age 1 year 7 months 11 days 
Gender Male 
Color Black/Tan 
Declawed No 
No Cats  
Location Adoptable dogs 
Intake Date 12/31/2021 
Adoption Price $263.75 
Howdy, my name is Mars and I am out of this world. I am a southern boy from Fort Worth, Texas and think I am going to love it in Wisconsin. Although no one enjoys bitter cold weather, I think I romp in the snow is a phenomenal way to have fun. I have a ton of fun with other dogs and am a very over the top player; I could share my home with a dog buddy but think it would be best if we were a good match and they understand my play-style. Cats, on the other paw, are a no-go for me. My philosophy is that felines are meant to be messed with and torment endlessly; although I may find that great fun, I am guessing the kitty would have other ideas. My family could include gentle and respectful children of all ages; I am still learning manners, forget myself and can get mouthy at times so when I am with little tykes we should always be supervised. I am hoping to have access to lots of acceptable toys to chew on. I am intelligent, friendly and outgoing; an energetic lad who thrives on activity and attention. I hope we can take classes together so I can learn new skills; perhaps canine sports like agility or rally or nose-work or touch and targeting. I have a magnificent nose and would appreciate putting it to work. One skill I definitely need your help with is house-training; I have a tendency to want to ‘mark' everything to make it mine. It would be wise to provide many opportunities to get outside to do my business and keep a close watch on me when inside. I am certain that a routine, lots of yummy treats and praise will go a long way to helping me master house-training when I potty in proper places. I know I can add a dash of whimsey to your home and promise to be a loyal and loving companion forever. I weigh about 58 pounds so I may not fit on your lap but think it would be stupendous to lay by your side; wouldn't it me marvelous to have marathon snuggle sessions after a day filled with fun? I have phenomenal markings on my paws and have been told I am quite unique and dashing, just check out my adorable little ears; I also have a celestial white star mark on my fanny. Stop by to check me out and I believe you will agree, I am heavenly and together we can go to the moon.