Meet Fuzzy
Animal ID 48983867 
Species Small&Furry 
Breed Guinea Pig 
Age 3 years 2 months 23 days 
Gender Male 
Size Medium 
Color Brown/White 
Housetrained Unknown 
Site Everett Animal Services 
Intake Date 11/1/2021 
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Meet Fuzzy and Patches! These 2 boys came into the shelter after their previous owners were no longer able to care for them.
Guinea Pigs are considered to be an ideal first pet! They are adorable and loving animals that are easy to maintain and handle. There are a number of treats and toys available to use when bonding with your guinea pig. Guinea pigs are very affectionate and will snuggle up to their pet parents. They are one of the few small animals that may enjoy interacting with you as much as you do with them!

These two are not a bonded pair*

- Guinea Pigs bond easily with their pet parent(s) and will communicate through various sounds such as squeaks, chirps and purrs.
- Crepuscular, meaning they are most active at Dawn and Dusk
- Requires Vitamin C daily.
- Guinea pigs may be kept in same-sex pairs if they are raised together. Different types of small animals should not be housed together.
- Easy to handle; prefers a routine and similar time for playing, feeding and resting each day.
- Jump in the air, or "popcorn," when happy or excited.
- Chew on objects to maintain all their teeth, which grow continuously; ensure they have plenty of chew sticks or mineral chews available.