Animal ID 48841355 
Species Cat 
Breed Domestic Shorthair/Mix 
Gender Male 
Size Small 
Color Brown 
Declawed No 
Housetrained Unknown 
Site Eau Claire County Humane Association 
Location Barn Cat 
Intake Date 10/10/2021 
We are looking for cat lovers who have a barn or other secure outdoor structure and are interested in adopting cats that are not suitable for life inside of a house or are unhappy living inside. This program is designed to find homes for cats that have traditionally been deemed un-adoptable through normal shelter adoption procedures. They need a warm, secure, and dry barn or building in which the cats can live out their lives. These cats are healthy, sterilized, vaccinated, microchipped, and in need of a new rural outdoor home, such as a barn, stable, garage, or warehouse.

These are working cats, former street cats that are accustomed to outdoor life, prefer minimal to no human contact, and who will happily tend to any mouse, mole, chipmunk, or vermin problems for the small cost of a bowl of cat food and water set out daily, as needed veterinary care and shelter in a garage or barn.

The cats require shelter in a permanent structure like a barn, shed, stable, or garage in a suitable rural area. The property should be at least .5 miles away from a busy road/highway. Daily food and water must be provided, as well as any future medical care as need. The cats must also be kept confined for the initial 2-4 week relocation period to ensure a successful transition to their new home.

They do need to go home to a house that either already has other barn cats, or be adopted with another barn cat friend.
If interested, apply at and specify interested in working cats or barn cats. Adoption fees for these cats are typically $15 each.