Meet Available: Ruthanne
Animal ID 48475762 
Species Dog 
Breed Terrier, Boston 
Age 11 years 27 days 
Gender Female 
Housetrained Partially 
Intake Date 8/18/2021 
Stage Available
***** SENIOR *****

*Please note: Due to the large volume of applications we receive daily, we are unable to respond to everyone personally. We do, however, review all applications and will contact you if you are a good match. Thank you for your understanding.

We'd like you to meet Ruthanne, our newest and sweetest arrival. A shelter contacted us after picking up Ruthanne as a stray. She appears to have had a rough life, so we aim to make her remaining years her best years. It saddens us to think she hasn't had the love she so deserves. Read more about her, and share her if you cannot adopt. Thanks so much!

Age: 10 years old

Weight: 15 pounds

Health: Visually impaired (missing one eye and nearly blind in the other), diminished hearing, recurring ear infections (likely an allergy)

Demeanor: Affectionate, sweet, timid/shy, quiet/mellow, playful (at times), couch potato (at times), curious, vocal

Likes: People (no children, please), indifferent to cat in foster home, snuggling, giving kisses (occasionally), being held, sitting in laps, going for car rides and walks, getting belly rubs, treats, chewing bones, stuffed toys

Dislikes: Quick hand movements, unfamiliar surroundings, being left alone

Manners: Walks well on leash. Currently working on housebreaking (she wears diapers at times during the day but always wears them at night) and verbal commands

Fenced Yard Required: Yes

Tidbits (from foster mama): Ruthanne is a darling who just wants to be loved. She needs patience and time to adjust due to her vision issues. She needs a calm, quiet environment where she can relax and just be loved by her people. Based on her age and her appearance you would think she would sleep most of the time but not Ruthanne. She will play with toys by herself, loves to be outside and relishes the attention of her people.

She has a funny habit of dragging dog beds around the house. This is why we refer to her as our hermit crab. We affectionately call her "Shelly". When she is tired, she will latch on and suck on the bed while she sleeps. There is one favorite toy, a dinosaur, that Ruthanne tries to fight. I am not sure if there is a specific smell to it or the outline excites her, but whatever it is with this one specific toy she can't resist attacking it.

Ruthanne is very food-centric. If she smells food, she will come hang around hoping for a snack; she does not appear to be food aggressive but because of her vision issues, if she is bumped accidentally while eating, she may think her food is about to be taken. We do feed her behind a gate because she eats quickly and then will want to "help" the others eat their food too.

Speaking of gates, we discovered the first day she was with us that Ruthanne can climb over baby gates.

She enjoys hanging out outside, wandering around the yard to potty and sunning herself. Once she discovered where the front door is, Ruthanne asks to go out a lot during the day by scratching at the door.

Ruthanne does not like the crate. On her intake physical, the vet looked at her teeth and due to the wear, it was determined she must have been kept in a cage and she chewed the bars a lot. She barks and paws the gate non-stop when she is crated. At night, she is kept in the living room with access to water, the couch and her beds. Ruthanne is a very early riser. Usually, she scratches at our door between 5 am - 6 am so we can let her outside. If she has to have a BM during the night, she will scratch at our door so we will let her out. I have started working with her to get her comfortable with a crate; it would be great if she would go in for a nap instead of laying down in the middle of all the action😊. What she prefers to do is drag the bed out of the crate before laying down. She will also drag the other dogs' beds out of their crates if we don't latch their doors after they are released in the morning.

She is prone to chronic ear infections and finished the course of medication the vet prescribed. Now the meds are to be used as needed when she starts shaking her head or rubbing her ears. This is something the vet feels will be an ongoing issue.

Ruthanne wears a diaper when inside the house. She is so much better about asking to go out during the day, but you can't always depend on that. If she has to go, she will potty anywhere in the house. Ruthanne needs a diaper at night.

Ruthanne does not currently respond to any commands, but I am working on it. She will come when we call her.

In my opinion, Ruthanne would do best in a calm, quiet home with no other dogs or children, cats okay if they would not pay attention to her. She would do best in a situation where her person/people are home most of the time. She wanders into the office when I am working during the day and sleeps in there along with the resident dogs. Her potty needs and the time spent taking care of those needs take up a lot of time during the day.

We sure hope to find the perfect place for this little nugget. Please apply here if you can provide a home as described above: