Meet Toby
Animal ID 46795271 
Species Cat 
Breed Domestic Shorthair/Mix 
Age 1 year 7 months  
Gender Male 
Size Medium 
Color Orange 
Site Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals 
Location In Home 
Stage Available
I am a very special boy. I love to play and run around the house in my own way. The humans say I am special needs because I can't control anything past my mid spine. I need help with expressing my bladder which is not my favorite activity of the day, but I feel better after so it's okay I guess. I stay in a play pen most of the day where I can do whatever I want. When I am roaming the house they make me wear a diaper but I don't mind. They tried to get me to use a wheelchair but it was too hard to play and it wasn't very comfortable. They also made me wear this dumb thing where my hind end was in a bag but I couldn't move as well so I convinced them to let me just drag myself around like I was doing. I love to play with one of the other cats in my foster home as he likes to laydown to play as well, we make a good team. There are two dogs in my foster home and I was scared of them at first but they leave me alone so they aren't as scary anymore. The more I am in the home the more I am figuring out how to do things like go up and down stairs and get off the couch.
So if you are looking for a special boy like me please contact my people at My foster mom also wants to tell you more.
Toby has a spinal cord injury and has no control of his hind legs, tail, bladder, or bowels. When he is full he leaks urine and will poop about twice a day on average, usually right after expressing his bladder. He does not leak urine when his bladder is expressed 3-4 times a day but he does stimulate himself. He gets a little leg massage in the morning because his legs like to lock up in the bent position. He is a great little boy that can throw little temper tantrums sometimes when handling him where he will grab your arm with his mouth. Mainly happens when cleaning his butt when he is trying to play. But he will also play with hands if he gets the chance. But we just redirect to a toy. Therefore I think an adult only household would be best for him or a home with older children. Definitely would need another playful cat in his forever home. We don't know what caused the injury but he has adjusted to his new normal well and is a sweet guy that loves to make you laugh. Check out his video, too!