Meet JingleJangle
Animal ID 46251518 
Species Dog 
Breed Hound/Mix 
Age 1 year 2 months 20 days 
Gender Male 
Size Large 
Color Brown/White 
Declawed No 
Housetrained Unknown 
Stage Available
Happy, active and vocal best describes this handsome hound. JingleJangle has never met a stranger and wants everyone to know how much he loves you. He will need an active family that can harness his energy with regular and on-going exercise as well as work with him on obedience and manners. Due to his typical hound bark, no apt dwellers for JingleJangle.

UPDATE (2/26/21): Jingle Jangle is a handsome 1 year old, male hound mix who is on the thin side (weighing only 60 pounds). Jingle Jangle came to TAPS December 11, 2020, from a shelter in Kentucky and, like most dogs entering the shelter system, there is no background on this little man. But upon intake it was determined that he was heartworm positive and has recently been released from his medical treatment.

Jingle Jangle was quiet during the car ride and in my home, which is surprising because he is notably vocal in his kennel. Due to his typical hound bark, the shelter is not accepting applicants who live in an apartment.

In my home, Jingle Jangle was active and inquisitive of his new surroundings and enjoyed playing with the variety of dog toys available to him; but preferred stuffed animals over a Nylabone. I also found Jingle Jangle to be obsessed with food (not food aggressive), but simply obsessed with food to the point I believe any potential adopter will need to work with him on obedience as he becomes accustom to people cooking and taught the difference between people food vs dog food. Otherwise, Jingle Jangle simply loves people and appears to want to please his humans. I am uncertain if Jingle Jangle lived in a home previously, and although he was not startled by the sounds of a home, he walked gingerly on my wood floors and was not interested in getting on my furniture. And although Jingle Jangle did not have any accidents in my home, he does not keep a clean kennel so potential adopters should be prepared to work with potty training.

It is unknown if he likes other dogs or cats, but he appears to be unresponsive to other dogs at the shelter. A meet-and-greet will be required for potential adopters with other dogs. Overall, I believe Jingle Jangle will be a good fit for most families as he is extremely friendly, but he will need a family that is committed to his training, obedience, and exercise as he grows into a well-rounded adult dog.