Meet Nigel
Species Dog 
Breed Terrier, Jack Russell/Australian Cattle Dog 
Age 4 years 8 months 15 days 
Gender Male 
Size Medium 
Color White/Brown 
Adoption Price $300.00 
The head of a hound dog, the body of a Jack Russell, the speckled coat of a Cattle Dog, and a heart of gold! Mix all that together and you get Nigel! Nigel is a 2 year old stumpy-legged, big-headed super mutt who came to CCR from a shelter in the Western suburbs where he had been found stray. Nigel was absolutely petrified in the shelter, refusing to move or even make eye contact. We believed he was someone's pet who had ended up in a scary situation, so we took him back to CCR to do some behavior rehab. Jump forward a couple of weeks, and Nigel is not the shy, scared dog he used to be! Quite the opposite - Nigel is an active, social, friendly, exuberant, busy dog who loves attention and being treated like a little baby. Nigel is a terrier through and through - despite being 30 pounds, Nigel can jump almost 6 feet in the air when he's excited enough! He loves to play fetch and tug with toys, and he has the Cattle Dog habit of nibbling your ankles and elbows when he wants you to get a move on! Nigel is housetrained and used to going in his crate at night. He loves to be in the middle of the action and is the kind of dog who will want to be wherever you are, whenever you're there. Nigel is dog reactive, meaning he gets very worked up around other dogs and needs to keep a far distance from them even during leashed walks. We are looking for a home with a private fenced yard so he has alternatives to walking when he can't get good distance from other dogs. Nigel's mouthy play style is too much for children, so we're looking for adult homes. He's the perfect addition to a home that loves terriers and all their smarts and energy. If you are looking for a busy bee to keep you on your toes, then Nigel is the man for you!

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