Meet Clover
Animal ID 44444507 
Species Dog 
Breed Retriever, Labrador/Mix 
Age 5 years 4 months 22 days 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Color Blond 
Declawed No 
Housetrained Unknown 
Stage Available
Clover is a fighter for sure. Found emaciated and barely alive on the side of the road, the first vet that examined her said "euthanize her" she won't survive. The animal control that picked her up stabilized her enough for transport and we brought her to TAPS. Through surgery and cage rest, Clover has managed to keep her badly mangled back leg, however, the pin piecing it back together broke off so a portion of the pin is still in her leg. Long term, she may need cosequin, pain management and ultimate amputation at the adopter's expense. The break still isn't fully healed but Clover has been with TAPS since June 4, 2020 and it's time for her to move to her forever home and learn how to become a dog. Her leg is much stronger and she walks well on it and we don't know if and/or when it will fully heal. Clover will never be a dog that can run and play non-stop, go on long walks or hikes, and she will likely always have times where she'll hold it up due to pain. Clover needs a champion that will be committed to her on-going care and support of her leg for the remainder of her life.

Clover carries the scars of her past with her daily. She appears to be very secure in her kennel and does well with people she knows one on one. When she's visiting with her person, if another approaches, she gets very skittish, tries to escape, and will make every attempt to back out of her collar. Clover is a flight risk and will only be considered for a home with a fenced in yard will she will be able to go safely outside and become comfortable in her environment and relax. When we bring her to the front of the shelter, out of the kennel environment, Clover does have panic attacks and pancakes and tries to escape. Through it all, Clover has never offered to bite, has never growled and never shown any aggression but she is scared and uncomfortable and skittish. For this reason, we want to place Clover in a home that will allow her to adjust at her own pace, as well as a home that will be respectful of her leg issues. Clover is not a candidate for a first time dog owner.

We will screen applications for best fit. If you can commit to her every need, whatever that might be, as she adjusts to her home life, please apply at We will be looking for someone with proven dog experience and a commitment to vetting.

Clover was also heartworm positive at intake, she has completed heartworm treatment. Clover is not reactive to dogs in the kennel environment but she would not be able to go to a home with an active dog due to her leg issues. Applicants with another dog in the home would need to commit to monitoring all play so that it doesn't get too rough for Clover's leg.