Meet Brady
Animal ID 44067109 
Species Dog 
Breed Foxhound, English/Mix 
Age 6 years 7 months 1 day 
Gender Male 
Size Large 
Color White/Brown 
Declawed No 
Housetrained Unknown 
Stage Available
Brady is a 6 year old hound mix weighing in at approximately 50 pounds. Brady is currently in a foster home and inside the home, Brady is a great dog. Sleeps in bed through the night, potty trained, gentle with the grand kids that visit, and he's not destructive. His foster family does not crate him and he is well behaved when left home alone. He does have the typical hound bark so no homes that share walls with another neighbor such as an apt, townhome or duplex.

Brady is extremely strong on a leash and needs an adopter physically able to handle him on a leash and work on leash manners. A fenced in yard would be preferred but Brady needs a fence that is reinforced around the bottom because he has a tendency to dig to go on excursions after wildlife outside the fence. His foster home has successfully reinforced the bottom of their fence and it has successfully contained him.

Brady has been adopted twice and returned twice. The first time, it was an older couple that could not physically handle him on a leash and they did not have a fence so regretfully had to return him. The 2nd time, the adopter lived in a town home and the neighbors complained about his barking, but in fairness to Brady, he was only gone for 24 hours but the neighbors were not patient enough to give him time to settle in and adjust so the adopter was forced to return him.

Brady is dog friendly. He has been bounced so much in his life, he will take time to settle in and figure out he is home. Until he realizes he's home, he may be a flight risk simply because so many people have given up on him.

If you have the patience to give him time to settle in, and won't return him through the rough spots, please submit an application today at

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