Animal ID 43502942 
Species Dog 
Breed Terrier, Boston 
Age 2 years 10 months 30 days 
Gender Female 
Housetrained Unknown 
Intake Date 12/27/2019 
Stage Available
***** NEW KID ON THE BLOCK *****

Please note: Due to the high volume of applications we receive on a daily basis, we are unable to respond to everyone personally. We review all applications and will contact you if you are a good match. Thank you for your understanding.

Hello, hello, hello! I'm the new girl, Bella Doolittle, sidling up to the adoption bar and hoping for a connection. I'll take a dirty seltzer with a chicken bone twist and a home to go, please! Read on and let's see if we clickety click:

Age: Nearly 3 (birthday is 3/23/17)

Weight: 27 pounds

Health: Excellent

Demeanor: Affectionate, sweet, playful, active/high energy, social, couch potato (at times), vocal (at times), quiet/mellow (at times but mostly when sleeping), aggressive towards other dogs when being fed (should be fed separately)

Likes: People (children older than 8), dogs (after an adjustment/getting-to-know-you period), playing tug-o-war and fetch, giving kisses and snuggling, sitting in laps and being held, going for walks and car rides, getting belly rubs, sleeping in your bed, burrowing under blankets, eating treats, destroying toys

Dislikes: Nothing noteworthy

Manners: Housebroken, crate trained, leash trained (needs some work here), verbal command: sit

Fenced Yard Required: Preferred as she loves to run around chasing balls. She needs some work with her leash skills but walking her will be important especially if no fenced yard

Tidbits: Bella was relinquished to BTRNC after her previous family added a baby to the mix and Bella showed signs of aggression. She never harmed anyone, but the concern was too much for the family. She was used to being an only child and was not happy sharing the attention. The family felt she'd be happier in a home where she is queen. Foster home is working on her "jealousy" issues and she seems to be getting better.

Bella is "on" almost all the time. She and foster brother, Figgy, are a couple of wrestling, chasing, silly ol' fools who need to learn to "give it a rest, yo." While it did take Bella some time to warm up to the other dogs in her temp home, she has been fully welcomed. Her tendency to bark and growl during play threw everyone for a loop. Now the gang knows she's all bluster, and so far, no bite! Yay!

Bella would be happiest with an energetic and larger dog to push around... I mean, engage. She's on the bigger side for a Boston and is all about rough housing. Older kids who can keep her busy with walks or games would be a huge plus (more energy burn, baby)!

If you can provide Bella Doolittle with the environment and love she so needs, please apply.