Meet Harold
Animal ID 41990198 
Species Small&Furry 
Breed Guinea Pig 
Age 2 years 28 days 
Gender Male 
Size Small 
Color White/Brown 
Declawed No 
Site Still at Home 
Location Shelter Bypass Service 
Intake Date 6/19/2019 
Stage Shelter Bypass
Hubert (left) and Harold (right) are a pair of boys around 2 years old.
Harold: Harold is curious to see what is going on and enjoys having his chin rubbed. He likes all types of lettuce and LOVES carrots. He is comfortable being held and really likes going outside to munch on grass. He can be silly in that he sometimes runs in circles when excited and often tips his house upside down.
Harold: Harold is shyer than Hubert but is much more talkative! He wheeks and popcorns a lot in response to household noises and the prospect of some greens. His bedhead fur is particularly cute as well.
Household: They would do well in a household with activity and energy. They are receptive to their environment and get excited when there are people around. It would be a awesome for them to have a yard or green space to go outside. Their 4x2 habitat is lined with puppy pads underneath paper bedding. It gets cleaned and disinfected 1x/week and the boys get a bath 1-2x/month with small mammal shampoo. I have gotten multiple comments that my house never smells bad!

Anne Gamache