Species Dog 
Breed Coonhound, Treeing Walker/Mix 
Age 6 years 4 months 27 days 
Gender Female 
Color Brown/White 
Declawed No 
No Cats  
Location Adoptable dogs 
Intake Date 5/9/2022 
Adoption Price $184.80 
Well, hello there, my name is Hazel. I was adopted from WCHS in 2017 and have been living with a wonderful family since then. But I have a wanderlust spirit and kept slipping out of my collar to go on a big adventure when left out in the yard alone. My people were not able to keep bailing me out when I got picked up as a stray; they decided to surrender me so I can find a new home. To keep me a bit more secure, I should always wear a Martingale collar that I cannot slip out of. I really enjoy playing with other dogs and even had opportunities to go to the dog park. I have had friends where our high-energy play styles matched very well and we loved to run and wrestle and play chase games. But when it comes to the place I call home, I need to be your one and only dog. I take having a family very seriously and I do not want to share my people or my things. When it comes to my food or toys or raw hides and bones, I want them all to myself. I cannot have any cats in my new home because I get very over-stimulated and I would chase them relentlessly - honestly, it would not be very enjoyable for the cat. My family could include gentle and respectful children of all ages. I am kind of rough when accepting a treat so people need to be very careful when offering me a reward. I know the cues for ‘sit', ‘down' and ‘leave it'; maybe we can work on me understanding ‘easy' when it comes to getting a treat. I am excellent with all types of handling and am very loving; since I weigh about 56 pounds, I may not fit on your lap but I would love lying next to you for snuggles. I have amazing long legs and an awesome athletic build. I will need a structured routine, daily exercise and training to keep me happy and healthy. Although I am comfortable in a crate, in my previous home I was allowed to roam free while I was alone. My person and I had developed a method for me to communicate that I needed to go outside where I ran up and down the stairs in the house. When I first come into my new home it would be wise to give me plenty of opportunities to get outside until I learn the routine and find ways to communicate with you. Also, while I am getting the lay of the land it may make sense to confine me to a single room when I am alone so that I do not feel overwhelmed by having to manage the whole house by myself. I have been doing well building my confidence and becoming more self-assured but still am not crazy about thunderstorms; they make me anxious so I tend to find a hiding spot until they pass by. Perhaps, if I had a comfy cozy crate in a quiet place where I could go in and out as I please, I could use that as my safe-place when the thunder starts. I feel it is important to keep my mind and body active so maybe we can take some classes together; that would also give us a magnificent way to bond. I have a spectacular nose and think I could be a world champion nose-work dog. I do not need to go on the official circuit, I just think using my nose to find things would be a fun past-time. I do enjoy taking long walks with my people so I have a chance to explore; as I mentioned, I have an adventurous personality. I have been described as friendly, playful, affectionate, active and vocal; but that is simply because sometimes I have something important to say. I am intelligent and can have a wee bit of a stubborn streak so I need you to be a calm and assertive leader who will patiently and positively guide me to the right path. Come by to meet me in person and you will agree I am a big-hearted gal with a free-spirt and a sense of adventure who would be perfect for you.