Species Dog 
Breed Terrier, American Pit Bull/Mix 
Age 6 years 6 months 27 days 
Gender Male 
Color Cream/White 
Declawed No 
No Cats  
Location Adoptable dogs 
Intake Date 2/18/2022 
Adoption Price $211.00 
Hi, my name is Mister and I am awesome; just a big goofy guy with a lot of love to give. I was a stray at the humane society in Fond du Lac and was transferred to WCHS to find my new forever home because I was originally adopted from WCHS in late 2016. I am good with other dogs and am very tolerant, although I do play a bit rough. I can be a tad pushy when I first meet a new dog but as long as the other dog has good energy and a similar play-style we could be really good buddies. I will definitely need to meet any potential housemate before we can make any commitments to ensure we can live in tranquility. I cannot live with any felines though because I fixate on them, get way overstimulated and would chase and torment them endlessly. My family could include gentle and respectful children of any age but remember, I am a large strong boy so when I am with tiny tots we should always be supervised; I love people but do not always remember how big I am. I am excellent with all sorts of handling and truly enjoy fanny and neck scratches and tender pats and massages. I weigh about 74 pounds so I may be a smidge too big for your lap but I would certainly be proud to have a spot by your side. I am a smart lad and already know the cues for ‘sit', ‘down' and ‘shake/paw'; I am sure I can increase my repertoire of cues with your patient and positive guidance; maybe we can take some classes together to increase my skill set. I am hoping you can help me practice accepting treats more gently; I get so carried away and excited about the tasty morsel that I forget myself and am a bit rough. I am searching for a family who will provide plenty of physical and mental exercise every day; I am an energetic and athletic boy who would love a job or two to keep me busy, engaged and out of mischief. I am affectionate, obedient, loyal and friendly; I also have a silly and clownish side which is sure to keep you smiling. Stop by to meet me in person and I am sure you will agree I am a bighearted guy with a strong desire to please and we could have a stupendous life together.