Meet Available BUDDY BEAR
Animal ID 22645024 
Species Dog 
Breed Terrier, Boston 
Age 12 years 7 months 1 day 
Gender Male 
Housetrained Yes 
Special Needs  
Intake Date 7/18/2018 
Adoption Price $150.00 
Stage Available
Say hello to Buddy Bear! This sweet frosty face was recently returned to us as his owner faced some health issues too severe to give Buddy the attention he needs. Feeling Buddy would be happier in a home where he's properly spoiled, they opted to let us try and find him a new family.

Seniors are special ‘round here and Buddy Bear is no exception. He is just darling, well-behaved, knows his manners and is just a joy to love. If a face can launch a thousand ships, this one can break 10,000 hearts.

Age: 11 years old

Weight: 15 pounds

Health: Some allergies (environmental, lamb). Should wear shirts/sweaters/socks for protection. Takes daily allergy medication like a champ. Slightly hearing impaired (or selective)

Demeanor: Sweet, quiet/mellow, affectionate at times, playful at times, couch potato, loner

Likes: People (no children), older dogs, playing tug-o-war and fetch, snuggling, being held, sitting in laps, going for car rides and walks, belly rubs, burrowing under blankets, sleeping in humans' bed, stuffed toys

Dislikes: Young dogs, children, sharing his toys with other dogs

Manners: Housebroken, crate trained, leash trained, verbal commands: (selective hearing)

Fenced Yard Required: No, if always kept on leash

Tidbits: Buddy Bear is a sweet, little old feller. He's very low energy, loves his naps and will follow you around as you go about your day. When the mood strikes, he'll play a bit of tug-o-war, a game of fetch or chew a toy. He's not demanding and is very content to just "be."

Because of his allergies, Buddy should wear clothing to help with itching. When leaving the house, Buddy is crated because he does have a tendency to rub himself raw on every available surface. Foster mama also wipes his feet when he comes in from being outside to remove any irritants. He takes his allergy medicine daily and with ease. Short walks are best to avoid allergy contact.

Buddy has recently recovered from surgery in which several mammary tumors were removed. He has healed up very well and is now ready to join his forever home!