Meet Silver
Animal ID 55317770 
Species Dog 
Breed Terrier, American Pit Bull/Mix 
Age 3 years 5 months 25 days 
Gender Female 
Size Large 
Color Grey/Lilac 
Housetrained Unknown 
Site FCDS (Main Shelter) 
Location FOSTER 
Adoption Price $18.00 
Stage Available - In Foster
SILVER (174023) is an 83lb. 3 yr. old spayed female Pit Bull. Silver is a timid and very sweet girl. She will lean into you for pets when she's comfy and takes treats nicely. Silver loves attention from her trusted people.

Silver would do best in a home with adults only due to not wanting to share her toys. Silver can be dog selective when walking by other dogs so she may do best as the only pet in the home. She did good while meeting a calm senior dog, she sniffed and gave tail wags while her foster Mom stopped and talked for a couple minutes.

Silver thrives in a structured environment with clear leadership. She looks to her owner for guidance and structure. Routines are a must for her, and she catches on quickly.

She loves to play and chew so indestructible toys are a must! Silver can become excitable, and her play style can become mouthy if you get her riled up while playing. In her foster home, the best way to keep the mouthy behavior at bay is to exercise her with walks, do puzzles for mental stimulation and tell her to get her ball as soon as the mouthy behavior begins. The key to keeping her play style calmer is to shut down the mouthy behavior as soon as it begins. She does play growl especially during tug. Her favorite toys are her deer antler, Playology Squeaky Chew Ball XL, rope, and Ruff Dawg brand toys.

In her foster home, she gets 3-4 walks a day. The walks are anywhere from 15 minutes up to 1 hour. Her 1 hour walk usually takes place in the evenings after work. She currently does not have a backyard but would thrive in a home with a fenced yard where she can get more exercise on her own.

Silver is a certified snuggler, she gives the absolute best cuddles which have been so nice on cold days and nights! She's a constant companion, she follows her foster around the house and likes to check on me while showering or folding clothes. Anytime her person is gone from the room for too long, she comes to make sure they're ok.

She goes in her crate with no issues and gets a treat for her reward. On days her foster goes to the office, she knows the routine and will go straight to her crate for her a treat. She hasn't shown any separation anxiety at all.

She's respectful of home and furniture, has only chewed her toys.

She's food motivated and loves her treats! She knows a few tricks for her treats: sit, shake and stay.
Could you be the one to offer Silver the life of her dreams? She will repay you with a loyalty of a best friend and companion for life.

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