Meet Pluto
Animal ID 55183185 
Species Dog 
Breed Terrier, American Pit Bull/Mix 
Age 5 years 3 months 24 days 
Gender Male 
Size Medium 
Color Black/White 
Declawed No 
Site Seattle Animal Shelter 
Location Foster Care 
Meet Pluto! Pluto is a friendly guy who has been calm hanging out in staff offices and enjoys play time with other dogs at the shelter. He's an easy walker and has the cutest puppy dog eyes!

Pluto has gone on field trips to the park with our volunteers and done great! They said he settled quickly into the car ride and was very good on his outing, a laid-back guy around the hustle and bustle, even if other dogs passing-by weren't as chill as him. He's great on the leash and doesn't get distracted by other people or dogs. Pluto walks with a loose leash most of the time and is very gentle taking treats, sitting when directed.

His foster parent says Pluto is the perfect mix between couch potato and playful! He's independent but loves a good cuddle. He's active when outside but once inside, he settles down and enjoys chewing on a toy or just lounging. He's obsessed with any type of blanket or sheets; he digs his head into them and rolls around excitedly! He even has an adorable snore when he's asleep. Pluto has been happily co-existing with another dog, sharing and playing great with him! He always wants to be near his dog friend and loves to sleep cuddled next to him. Even though he loves to be around dog friends and playing, Pluto is good about respecting other dog's space. He has been around dogs of all sizes and done very well; we think he might do best in a home with another dog buddy! He has been introduced to small children and it also went well.

Pluto is loves food and seems like a fast learner so we're sure it would be easy to train him more if needed. He's shown an affinity for agility, jumping over the obstacles with ease! His foster wanted to see if he knew the "wait" command for meals, and he does! He is so patient and listens every time. He's house-trained, knows a lot of commands, and is a great listener. He likes baths and even had some cute post-bath zoomies. He also loves to sunbathe!

Pluto is a one in a million kind of pup! We know he's the one you're looking for and he would love to meet you.

Pets are complex beings and prior to adoption, interested adopters will be counseled by a staff member to discuss the specific needs for each animal. This will include reviewing all known medical and behavior information.

** Please note that some animals will receive numerous inquiries, sometimes more than we can process. We appreciate your understanding and patience. **

HOW TO ADOPT: Check the animal's location.

From the Dog Kennels/Dog Isolation/Dog Quarantine (in shelter): To meet this dog, please come to Seattle Animal Shelter at 2061 15th Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119, between 1 - 5 pm one of on one of our open days, no appointment needed. We are open on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We are closed for adoptions on Monday, Friday, and all holidays.

From Foster Care (out of shelter):
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