Meet Aries - FOSTERED-$25
Animal ID 55068894 
Species Dog 
Breed Shepherd/Mix 
Age 3 years 4 months 14 days 
Gender Male 
Size Medium 
Color White/Tan 
Declawed No 
Housetrained Unknown 
Site Oconee County Adoption Services 
Location Adoption Dog 
Intake Date 1/8/2024 
*Shepherd mix
*Male, 3 years old and 60 lb
*A good boy, he walks well on leash.

"I love running and playing and catching balls mid-air. I also really love my humans and gladly give them deep lean ins and random kisses....some of them of the drive by variety," explains our super hunky friend ARIES. It's hard not to smile when you see our solid, very mixed breed guy trotting over to introduce himself to you. Aries is a lively, very happy fella who is curious about everything. He ran and gave our play yard a thorough inspection and then it was time to notice (in a very polite way) other dogs being walked and of course, he left time to give his new humans some attention as well. We could not have been more impressed to see Aries handle balls! He found a larger, squishy one that squealed with great gusto everytime he caught it in the air. This guy can leap straight up to catch the toys and then down he goes to triumphantly tote it around. What an entertaining young man! We introduced Aries to a smaller female dog and he was super happy to meet her. With a more bouncy, in your face male dog, he did well but perhaps a more calm/well mannered dog might have been a better match for him. He's been great walking through the busy kennel and really loves nothing better than to be selected to exit his kennel, spend time with his human and get in a good walk. We all reach for this head turning fellow because he has an upbeat outlook and perky personality. Besides he might add, "What's not to love in having me by your side?"

Facebook update Jan 28: "And a Happy Sunday morning to you," declares our uber happy Shepard boy ARIES. If you think Aries looks silly, goofy and super appealing on line, just wait til you can meet him person when we reopen Monday at 10am. One of the new kids on the adoption floor, Aries is a one man show when you are tossing balls for him to catch mid-air and then when it's snuggle time, he's leaning into you and loving on you. A true Heinz 57 mixed breed fella, you've got to experience Aries in person. Hope to see you soon!

Facebook update on his boating excursion March 7: Look who was front and center in his kennel and ready to go boating on the lake yesterday!!!  It's Mr Heinz 57 himself ARIES who still is looking for his happily-ever-after.  It was our privilege to spring him loose from his kennel so he could get some sun on his face, some wind in his ears and fur, some chilly lake water over 1/2 his body and several hours where he was the King of the Hill and getting tons of TLC and affection.

We had so much fun on our Grand Adventure with Aries.  Hopping right in the car, he was ready to go and do and while he was a little tentative walking out on the wobbly pier,  still he walked the walk and off we went to enjoy the calm waters of Lake Keowee and the amazing huge and puffy clouds dancing in the sky.

Aries totally got into the groove of things as he quickly and efficiently explored around the boat.  Our first stop was a sandy beach and that's where we discovered his love for the water!   We put him on a pretty long lead and he wound up racing in and out of the water having a total blast.  He could have stayed there all day if we had allowed him to do so.  Our next stop on the lake was #SouthCoveCountyPark where a trio of white ducks in the water taunted and tempted him as we walked along the shoreline.  It's possible they might have been sticking out their tongues at him in jest knowing he could never catch them!  LOL.   Returning back to the pier,  Aries skillfully exited the boat and off we went to secure a Starbuck's Pup Cup to round out his journey.

A few extra notes on Aries- He's definitely a dog who's ready to go and do.  Car rides and boat rides are a huge thumbs up.  Aries is a very social, happy, wiggly guy who has extra energy and love to spare.   He's a snuggler and lover and loves to be in the mix of things.  No doubt,  things are just funner and more interesting with Aries by your side!   He's hoping someone just like YOU who has read all this copy will consider him as their next companion pet.  Perhaps it IS you??   Thx for tuning in~ Volunteers Susan and David and Alex 

Facebook update March 9: Morning Facebook Fans. We wished to start off your day with some super exciting, inspiring news. Recently, we have been pushing longer term doggies LOTTO and ARIES. Both of these doggies were just moved into a foster home and they are doing SUPERBLY! At the shelter, neither dog showed a strong inclination to meet other dogs so we didn't push it. In foster care, you can see them running and chasing each other around like long lost, best friends. If you have been considering one or both of these great dogs, now is the time to hear from you. With so many pet skills under their paws, surely one or both is perfect for you!!