Meet LoveBug - Fostered-$25
Animal ID 54948126 
Species Dog 
Breed Shepherd/Mix 
Age 2 years 5 months 9 days 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Color Brown 
Declawed No 
Housetrained Unknown 
Site Oconee County Adoption Services 
Location Adoption Dog 
Intake Date 12/14/2023 
* Shepherd mix
* 2 years
*A very happy girl that gets along well with others!
LOVEBUG is a riot. This girl's book is wide open and it's full of pages loaded with happy, smiling, great times!  Lovebug is a major extrovert and huge social butterfly. She loves being in the mix of things, engaged and stimulated.  Everyone reaches for Lovebug for walking time as she's eager to go,  good on the leash and does a nice job meeting others as she goes and does.    During photo time,  Lovebug had a blast...a major blast...running around with her bandana half on/half off.  She thought it was thrilling to run and play with it!   She also grabbed the photo lady's small notepad (left unattended for a micro second) and she found it to be equally thrilling to run around in the play yard with it hanging out of her mouth!  LOL.   It's hard not to love our sweet, uber happy and bouncy girl.   Young at heart and graced with a puppy vibe outlook on life,  Lovebug is silly, loveable, mischievous and is probably laughing as we talk about her here!  Very playful and very affectionate, Lovebug tics off many boxes in a pet skill questionnaire and can't wait for you to see how perfect she'll be by your side in life.

Facebook update March 1: Did you know LOVEBUG has been in foster for weeks now??? She is so rock solid with other dogs and has totally excelled in her temp home but ultimately needs a home to call her own. She was also exceptional at an adoption event beautifully meeting a myriad of humans and at 40lbs (or so!), she's the perfect size pet for most families. Look at that eager smile folks! She's ready to please YOU! Her adoption fee is waived through next Saturday to approved adopters. Does she look like the ideal companion for you?? Please, let's hear from you!!

From Foster Ruth on Lovebug: She is doing fantastic. She loves to chase a ball to get her energy out and brings it back every time for you to throw again. After playing, she wants cuddles. She has done well with a variety of other dogs except she's not a fan of our big Dane. Not great with cats. She wasn't trying to eat my cat, but she definitely wasn't wanting to play nice either. That may be something she can overcome in a new home with regular interaction. She was established at my place before meeting my cat.