Meet Izzy
Animal ID 53902226 
Species Cat 
Breed Domestic Shorthair/Mix 
Age 8 years 3 months 26 days 
Gender Female 
Size Large 
Color Grey 
Declawed No 
Housetrained Unknown 
Intake Date 8/6/2023 
Say hello to Izzy, a delightful 8-year-old chubby grey cat who is ready to find her perfect match and settle into a peaceful and loving forever home. Izzy's journey began when her previous owners realized that their busy household wasn't providing the serene environment that she needs.

If you're looking for a feline companion who appreciates the tranquility of a calm and quiet home, Izzy is the purr-fect match for you. She prefers a serene environment where she can relax and unwind without the hustle and bustle of a busy household. Izzy longs for a place where she can find solace and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

One of Izzy's most endearing qualities is her low-maintenance nature. She is truly the epitome of a laid-back companion who requires minimal fuss. Izzy's ideal day consists of finding a cozy spot in the sun to curl up and take a leisurely cat nap. Providing her with a comfortable and warm place to rest will surely make her content and grateful.

Despite her calm demeanor, Izzy has a heart full of love to give. Once she forms a bond with her new family, she will shower them with affection in her own gentle way. Izzy's loving presence will bring a sense of tranquility and joy to any household lucky enough to welcome her into their lives.

If you're seeking a low-maintenance and loving feline friend who appreciates the beauty of a quiet home, Izzy is eagerly waiting to meet you. Visit our adoption center to spend some time with Izzy and witness her charming personality firsthand. Together, you can create a peaceful haven filled with love, warmth, and cherished moments.