Meet Martina
Animal ID 52706444 
Species Rabbit 
Breed Rabbit/Rabbit 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Color Black/White 
Housetrained Unknown 
Adoption Price $85.00 
Stage Available
Hello world! I am the great Martina sometimes called ‘Martina Jellybeana!' as I am full of
happy explorer energy! I am known for my acrobatic leaps onto things like your couch
or attempts to jump onto less stable objects -ahem- so please supervise my play to
ensure I don't end up with any boo boos. I love sunshine, fresh air and hanging out with
humans, so yes, I will follow you closely from room to room so we can explore together,
I'd hate to miss out! ??
As you can tell from my well-groomed appearance, I'm very clean and have excellent
litter habits! I love fresh greens and nutritious pellets twice daily and a lot of fresh
timothy hay (in my big litter box please and toilet rolls around my room) - this all helps
to keep my teeth, tummy and girlish figure in shape.
While I'm comfortable hopping on hard flooring (and loafing on cool tile on hot days!) let
me show you my zoomie and binky moves on a lovely stretch of carpet. And yes- once
I'm played out I would loooove some nose to head rubs and gentle body massages.
Hobbies other than exploring, eating and sleeping daytimes include: hopping
on/renovating/knocking down cardboard & boxes, gnawing lots of fresh organic apple
twigs/dry sticks, tossing soft toys (like cat cubes from the dollar store) as well as plastic
Vital stats: I was found outdoors, so there isnt much known about my early days. I was
spayed in April of 2023, microchipped and also received an important RHDV (vaccine.) I
weigh about 2.1 kg currently and in general, I am a pretty chill bun- mostly curious and
not startled by much. I'm not sure if I'll like a home with other animals or children, but
perhaps if they're gentle and well behaved.
Sorry- lots of exploring to do- gotta run!