Meet Yumm-Yumm
Animal ID 52450568 
Species Cat 
Breed Domestic Shorthair/Mix 
Age 1 year 1 month 20 days 
Gender Female 
Location Main Adoption 
Intake Date 4/16/2023 
Stage Available
Yumm-Yumm is as cute as her name. She came to the shelter in the spring of this year with her five sisters. Yumm-Yumm used to be fairly shy but in the past couple months she has really opened up. This girl has adventured over to our general population of cats and has really let her true personally show. She is now one of the first kitty's to approach you when entering the room and is always looking for pets and attention. That is if she's not cuddled up napping. In her past time, she enjoys looking out the window, eating lots of treats and prancing around with the other residents. She loves the company of other cats along with her sisters.