Meet Josh
Animal ID 50218067 
Species Dog 
Breed Great Dane/Retriever, Labrador 
Age 11 months 12 days 
Gender Male 
Size Large 
Color Brown/White 
Site Lakeshore PAWS 
Location On Site 
Intake Date 5/18/2022 
Josh is a 10 month old Great Dane/Lab mix from Gary Animal Control. He is the biggest baby! He can look all big and tough but in reality, he's a gentle giant. When he first came to us, he was pretty nervous. He warmed up to us really fast and is coming out of his shell! He has quite a bit of energy, so he will need a lot of physical and mental exercise. He is super gentle on the leash, so having a fenced in yard is not required, as long as he gets plenty of walks. He loves people, but can be more independent and want to do his own thing. We introduced him to a smaller, higher energy dog and Josh wasn't into it, but tolerated it. He is selective and would do best with a calmer dog. He would do well with kids 10+ since he is a big boy and is nervous at first. He only has accidents overnight in his kennel, so that makes us think he is partially potty trained.