Meet Kitty Kitty
Animal ID 49236578 
Species Cat 
Breed Domestic Shorthair/Mix 
Age 9 years 21 days 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Color Black/Orange 
Declawed No 
Housetrained Unknown 
Site Lakeland Animal Shelter 
Location Purple Room 
Intake Date 12/11/2021 
Hi. My name is Kitty Kitty and I am almost nine years old. I've heard some people say I'm a hard adoption. Honestly, I get it. I really don't like other cats very much, although I will tolerate them if they respect my space. I also don't trust humans, so yeah, I'm probably going to be here a long while. But it is really nice here and the people allow me to just be "me". They give me a fluffy big bed, which I love. I also get a gravity water dish- which I like to tap and watch the bubbles go! I also have the best view out the window from my perch way above the room. And they give me yummy canned cat food which I love, love, love. Some of the volunteers here have figured out how to help me learn to trust a little at a time. I was originally a stray, but thankfully back in December 2021 I was rescued from the cold and brought to the shelter. For a long time I despised humans, they terrified me- and I thought they might try to hurt me! I would hiss and slap their hands whenever they tried to get close to me. Most people just gave up and went away. But lately, a few people started coming over- and despite my hissing and slapping they stayed and talked to me without touching. Sometimes they give me wet food or treats, which I love! And while I eat, they gently pet my forehead or cheeks, and I'm starting to like it. And I'm starting to trust that-that they aren't going to hurt me. I'm starting to trust that people are good. Since the people have become gentle- I've been gentle too. I don't slap as often anymore, and usually keep my claws in. If my claws are out I usually just want to gently hold your hand so I can lick and groom you. If there is someone out there, who can love a girl like me, I would be ever so grateful if you give me a chance.

Please come to the Purple adoption room to meet me. I'll be hanging out in my favorite place; in the window - in the comfiest bed I can find.