Meet Blondie
Species Dog 
Breed Weimaraner/Mix 
Age 2 years 10 months 5 days 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Color Blond 
Declawed No 
Site West Suburban Humane Society 
Location Kennel 
- Must Live With Another Dog
- Needs a Quieter Home

Blondie came to us from a backyard breeder and the only thing she really knew about was dogs. She loved being around them; they were familiar and made her feel safe. She had to learn about everything else. After spending several months with us in foster care, Blondie finally feels secure enough to come into the house from the yard on her own, to eat without running from her bowl, to accept loving pets and sometimes seek them out, and to relax and sleep hard. She is still gawky but that's part of her charm. We continue to work with her on new things and experiences (not so easy during a pandemic). We have started taking her out for walks now that the weather is warmer and she is doing well. Blondie is house-trained and crate-trained. She sleeps in her dog bed in our bedroom and willing goes in her crate when we leave during the day. Blondie will need a carefree canine companion in her adoptive home to show her the ropes and boost her confidence. She loves to play with our dogs and enjoys running around our fenced yard. She is all limbs when she plays, imagine a kangaroo/teradactyl/dog mix, but that doesn't stop our boys from having a blast with her. Blondie would also benefit from a quieter home with a routine so she does not have to be on guard for surprises. Blondie has learned so much about being a house pet. She is ready to find her own family, one that will appreciate how far she has come and will support her as she continues to blossom.