Meet Koala
Animal ID 48157843 
Species Rabbit 
Breed Holland Lop/Rabbit 
Age 10 months 2 days 
Gender Unknown 
Size Medium 
Color Brown/Grey 
Housetrained Unknown 
Adoption Price $85.00 
Stage Available
Hi! My name is Koala and I am a Parkour Buninja. I love doing jumps, zoomies, drifts, you name it! My foster brother has also taught me the art of Bunfu. I love being active with my foster family and my little bros are great to play with. I don't mind the dogs that live here either, in fact I am quite the confident, easygoing little bun. And if I really like you, I may want to groom you and give you some love nibbles...especially on the feet! I guess you could say I have a bit of a foot obcession? But it's all in good fun and I really am such a joyful bun! Not to mention, I am also litter trained and if I do say so myself, I would be a wonderful companion if you're looking for one!