Animal ID 47517903 
Species Cat 
Breed Persian 
Age 9 years 6 months 25 days 
Gender Male 
Size Medium 
Color Brown/White 
Declawed No 
Housetrained Unknown 
Site Green Lake Area Animal Shelter 
Location Cat Room 
Intake Date 4/11/2021 
Merryweather came to us about 2 months ago when his owner passed away. From the information we could find, his owner had adopted Merryweather from a different shelter in Wisconsin. At the time of that adoption, Merryweather was in desperate need of a grooming, but he was too grumpy for the shelter to do it, so they didn't. (We're not going to focus on previous owners or any of that, just the cat and his story, please.) Based on the condition he was in when he arrived here at GLAAS, it was clear that he hadn't been groomed in years.
The grooming requirements of Persians are not for the average pet owner. We humans have genetically engineered a cat that requires a ton of daily grooming, and it's the rare cat that actually LIKES the grooming. Many barely tolerate it, some won't tolerate it at all and need to be shaved, in which case why didn't you just get yourself a short haired cat!? I digress.....
What I mean to say is that it is often difficult for even the most experienced Persian owner and the most agreeable Persian to keep up with the grooming they require.
What does that mean for Merryweather? While he is so cute and really friendly, he has an EXTREMELY low threshold for petting, especially around the hip and back legs, and this is almost certainly from living with the pain of his overgrown coat. (His matted coat had one of his back legs stuck in a weird position, so that could be why he is a little extra sensitive in that spot.) He has just come to learn that if you touch him, it hurts, so he can't really decide if he wants you to touch him or not! You can pet him an unlimited amount on the tippy top of his head, and for a little while on his cheeky cheeks, but once down his back if you're lucky. He has bitten a couple of us when we push our luck, but it's a 'nice' warning bite. By that I mean it's clear he is telling us to stop but doesn't feel the need to send us to the emergency room. And if you're paying good attention, it won't get that far and he'll never bite you. We've pushed our luck on purpose because we need to see where his threshold is at. His tolerance seems to be getting better in tiny little baby steps, though. We think that there is ground to be gained here.
He saw the vet yesterday and looks pretty good for his age, which is about 9 years young. He is showing some very, very early signs of kidney insufficiency, so we're starting him on a kidney diet that will hopefully slow the progression enough that he still has several good years ahead. The vet attempted to check out his hips and mobility but Merryweather didn't let him do that for very long. He did say everything looked and felt fine, though.
Here's what we're looking for in an adopter for this special guy:
Previous Persian experience is a non-negotiable. Please, if you've never had a Persian before, don't apply.
Merryweather lived with many other cats and dogs, and while he doesn't seem scared of them, he also doesn't seem thrilled. He is not interested in playing with another cat, but it's ok if there's another cat in the room. A polite dog would probably be fine.
He needs to stay on the prescription food for the rest of his life, without exception. This is where it might just be easier if he was an only cat, unless your other cat already eats the kidney diet!
Because he is friendly and outgoing, but doesn't want a lot of touching, he really needs an adult-only home. It would be too hard to explain to kids that even though the cat is asking you for petting, he doesn't really want you to pet him!
A commitment to both work on increasing his tolerance for petting, and maybe brushing, and a plan for grooming by an experienced Persian groomer or your veterinarian as needed.
It's alot, we know. But it's our job to be this thorough, especially for the animals that need a little extra attention to detail.
Interested? You can start the process by completing our online adoption application which can be found on our website at