Meet Emma
Animal ID 47011943 
Species Dog 
Breed Terrier, American Pit Bull/Mix 
Age 5 years 1 month 14 days 
Gender Female 
Size Large 
Color Tan/White 
Declawed No 
Housetrained Unknown 
Special Needs  
Site Joint Animal Services 
Location Foster 
Intake Date 10/6/2020 
Emma is available for adoption but will be staying at her foster home until she's adopted. If you'd like to meet, please contact the Shelter and we can make arrangements for the foster home to contact you about meeting Emma. Emma will need a home with secure confinement and no other female dogs.

To learn more about this great dog, here's what her foster mom has to say about her:

Emma is a loving, loyal, intelligent, playful dog. She loves to engage in intellectual games, run, play outside, and have her belly rubbed. She is a world-class snuggler, a quick learner, and a wonderful hiking companion. She is very strong and loves chew toys and tug-of-war. She appreciates affection being given on her terms and sometimes wants a little space, although that space is usually only a few feet, as she prefers to be in the same room as her pack.

Emma is a very active dog and would benefit greatly from a decent-sized, fenced-in yard to run in. She can get a lot of pent-up energy if she doesn't get enough exercise. A 30 minute walk a couple times a day, as well as some outdoor play seems to suffice (although she enjoys even more if you were to take her to a park or on a hike). If she gets adequate activity then she is better behaved on a leash. She can pull hard but it's usually just in the beginning of the walk when she's the most excited. She can sit, shake, and is beginning to learn stay. She is potty-trained, and her coat stays clean for quite some time. She responds well to positive reinforcement and is highly intelligent. She comes when you call, unless there's a squirrel or cat involved.

She can be a little aloof, but when treated with love and good company she warms up quickly. Once that bond was formed, she became very loyal. She was a stray so it's hard to tell what her history is, but some of her scars suggested to us that she may have experienced some neglect or abuse. She seems to suffer from some separation anxiety and seems happiest when she has her pack nearby. She loves to be involved in whatever you're doing, including car rides, yard work, relaxing, etc. She doesn't bark much at all unless someone is at the door, and even then it's minimal. She does shed a bit, so stock up on lint rollers if you wear a lot of black! She can have a bit of a sensitive tummy so we've found that quality kibble at regular times is best for her.

She is great with the people she's met, especially if she is entering their territory or in public spaces. If others are entering her territory, she just takes a moment to read our reaction to them and then she's wonderful. She's just protective. She will require some love and patience with other dogs. She doesn't seem as though she's been socialized in a safe setting before, so she generally avoids other dogs and sticks close to our sides when they're around. When other dogs approach her in an overwhelming fashion, she becomes fearful and protective and can lash out with a warning snap. She is not an aggressor and will not pursue another dog if they leave her alone, but if they continue to harass her or approach her human then I think she could bite. Once she has time to evaluate the other dogs at her own pace, she becomes more playful, happy, and curious. She was better with small, indifferent dogs than larger, highly interested dogs. It is my strong belief that she could enjoy the company of another dog, but there would have to be a patient, deliberate, and controlled introduction process before they could co-exist freely together. She wants to play; I just don't think she's ever learned how. As a stray she might not have had the best interactions with other dogs.

Emma is an amazing dog. She is perceptive, loving, and polite (except when she wants what you're eating, then she'll stare at you with guilt-laden eyes). She knows when to be gentle and when to roughhouse. She will make a wonderful addition to her forever home.

Emma does have some medical issues. She has a grade 3 heart murmur. She was spayed on 11/19/2020 and did ok with surgery. She also had a dental done on 1/19/2021. She has two of her canine teeth that it is recommended that she goes to a dental specialist to have them removed. At the time of her dental, it was also discovered that she has a possible enlarged spleen and bridging spondylosis (arthritis) between her sacrum and the last lumbar vertebrae. Her hips and stifles were within normal limits. You will need to follow up with your veterinarian on her medical conditions for care.

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