Meet Dude
Animal ID 46621598 
Species Reptile 
Breed Lizard/Lizard 
Age 4 years 11 months 22 days 
Gender Female 
Size Small 
Color Brown 
Housetrained Unknown 
Adoption Price $50.00 
Stage Available
**Dudette is currently undergoing treatment for a condition which may require long term medication and treatment. If you would like more information regarding her case, please send us an email and we'd be happy to highlight her required medical care*

Meet Dudette, she's a beautiful 4 year old Bearded Dragon. She would make a wonderful addition to the home of a reptile savy family. She is a lovely dragon who is tolerant. She has very specific care needs in regards to housing and lighting, along with diet and supplements, this will be discussed at length with any potential adopters.
Dudette enjoys being around her people, she's gentle and likes to explore. She eats an incredibly varied diet that does include live insects. Enrichment is important and dudette loves a good hunt. Bearded dragons require a home knowledgeable in their care needs and one that can commit to providing excellent care for many years as they can live 15+ years.
Dudette loves to climb, sleep in her hammock and have supervised time out of her enclosure.
She recently underwent oral surgery and may require oral rinses on an ongoing basis to ensure she lives her best life.
If you think you might be a good fit for our girl, don't hesitate to put in an application.