Meet Priscilla
Animal ID 46214237 
Species Dog 
Breed Retriever, Labrador/Pointer, German Shorthaired 
Age 2 years 2 days 
Gender Female 
Size Large 
Color Black/White 
Site SYV Humane Society & D.A.W.G 
Location Trailer 
Intake Date 12/4/2020 
ARN 1348 
Stage Accepting Applications
We are currently operating by appointment only after approved applications. Please fill out an application on our website under the adoption tab at and once approved, we'll set you up with an appointment to meet me!

Priscilla really has come such a long way in the last 4.5 months and is ready for a new HOME! 🏡 She NEEDS a new home. Over 150 days is too long to be in a shelter! But in this time, we didn't ever give up on her. We made her into an adoptable dog, with a little guidance and thanks for the help from TaylerMade Training.
Priscilla is SO smart, look at all the tricks she knows.. sit, lay down, place, up... she is in foster with birds, a cat and many dogs and only doesn't like one of the dogs (she has something about pointy ear'd dogs. We believe the wrong form of training correction was used on her and she is very sensitive and for some reason pointy ear'd dogs trigger that, like PTSD. TaylerMade Training has offered to donate three training lessons to get her off to the right start with her new adopter. They've made great strides! Priscilla is kennel trained and you will often find her sleeping in there when the kennel door is open. It's become her "safe spot."
🏡 Please share to find her a home. She is not a shelter dog and shuts down when she is in a kennel environment. 💔 If you know a foster base rescue, please tag them. Help Priscilla by keeping her out of the shelter. 🙏