Meet Cindy Lou Who
Animal ID 46155233 
Species Rabbit 
Breed Flemish Giant/Rabbit 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Color White/Tan 
Housetrained Unknown 
Adoption Price $85.00 
ARN 63139 
Stage Available
Hi, my name is Cindy Lou Who, or Cindy for short. I'm a big bun with a big personality to match. I'm a Flemish Giant cross, which means I need a decent amount of space to live as well as a large litter box. I'd likely do well as a free roaming bunny in a bunny proofed space or large X-pen so I can't get into any trouble. I'm a very curious bun, like all bunnies I thrive with enrichment activities and interactions from my people. My favorite activities are redecorating with any cardboard I get to play with and running in circles and doing binkies on the carpet. I'm very food motivated and will get super excited when I am offered my pellets and daily greens. Don't worry, I am fully litter trained, so clean up is a breeze.
Sometimes, I can be a bit territorial of my space, but I am a girl who likes her things so can you blame me? However, when my boundaries are respected, I am willing to share with my humans. I'm a very friendly gal who loves to cuddle, head scratches are an easy way to my heart. I would love to go to a home that can give me the love I deserve for the rest of my life. When I was younger, I was treated for something called Encephalitozoon Cuniculi or EC for short. It can be tricky to tell if I am a completely EC free so I will need a family that is ok keeping me as single bunny in the home, but hey more love for me! Don't let this scare you, I have been doing so well in foster care. If you are looking for a big, cute, furry friend with a special need then I would love to meet you!