Meet Bocephus
Animal ID 46000681 
Species Dog 
Breed Hound/Mix 
Age 7 years 10 days 
Gender Male 
Size Large 
Color Red/White 
Declawed No 
Housetrained Unknown 
No Cats  
No Small Kids  
Site SPCA Serving Allegany County 
Intake Date 6/24/2021 
My name is Bocephus (Bo) and I am about 3 years old. I am very house trained and I know how to ring a bell on the door to let you know I need to go outside. I am very loving and roll on my back for belly rubs and I am a happy go lucky guy. I would do best in a home without kids as I have been known to resource guard my bones and some toys. I had originally come from a bad neglect case of starvation - so feed me by myself and that may explain why I sometimes resource guard my busy bone. I absolutely love where I came from I was deprived of all the fun and normal stuff a dog should experience - so I am living life now! I can also jump VERY high and run very a fenced in yard would be required for me to run around and play in. I recently went home on foster with 2 wonderful people who saw my potential. We enjoyed walks and I was eager to meet new people during our outings. I even enjoyed greeting the contractors that were in and out of the home. But unfortunately due to one of them having allergies they had to return me to the shelter after just a week. I then was adopted...again...and I scaled the fence and got back to the shelter I went. Believe it or not, I did get adopted for a short period and I was very naughty and was taking my new owners shoes, pillows and their personal items and I wasn't very nice when they tried to correct my behavior and I nipped at them. I am the kind of dog...if you give me an inch...I will take a foot and then get into trouble.

I have been a very good boy at the shelter and I listen to the staff that care for me and I am very well behaved for them. I need a home where lines are clearly drawn in the sand for me and give me a routine and structure and I can be a great dog!!! And by the way I ride wonderfully in a car and enjoy traveling. I also need a home without cats but I do like to play with other dogs here at the shelter...BUT it might be a problem living another dog, as I like all my toys to myself. Please email or call the shelter if you think I would be a good fit in your home.


"Bo", who I refer to as Bodacious rather than Bocephus, captured my heart immediately. The intense stare of his eyes filled me with hopefulness and love. Then, as I neared the door to his room, he began to spring about amazingly high. It's like he can't contain his joy in welcoming a visitor! This greeting was a bit overwhelming at first, but upon entry, he calms down to a mere wiggling of his entire body that warms your heart. I believe that upon transfer to his own home and the open surroundings there, he will become accustomed to your company and the "Tigger-like springing will be undone, but the pure joy will remain.
Bo is an easy walker on the leash. He moves along with you, sniffing to read the travel there. When I take him into the play yard and release him, he zooms around the perimeter as if he is riding the wind. A few trips around and he immediately does his "business." He is a very clean dog, waiting to be outdoors, if timely, to do so. At his own home he wouldn't have to wait for multiple dogs to be walked first and would easily become fully trained on your schedule. Upon completion of his needs, does he return to his speed-of-light transit? NO! Instead, he stands and patiently waits for pets and pampering. He loves to be hugged and fussed over. Scratch his neck, rub his belly, or merely embrace him, and he's the happiest dog in the world.
I often revisit him in his room after all dogs are walked for a little extra visit time. He never is protective of his food dishes or his chewy bone toys. He is always friendly, calm, and caring. Just a very happy boy.
Given time to get to know you and realize you love him, Bo would make a loyal and fun companion. If you have a fenced in yard, that would be heaven for him so he can do his Forrest Gump impression ("Run, Forrest, Run!") He will show his happiness in your bringing him into your life and snuggle loyally at your side.