Meet Cobie
Animal ID 45836223 
Species Dog 
Breed Terrier, American Staffordshire/Mix 
Age 3 years 11 months 26 days 
Gender Male 
Size Large 
Color Grey/White 
Declawed No 
Housetrained Unknown 
Special Needs  
No Dogs  
No Cats  
No Small Kids  
Site Main Line Animal Rescue 
Location MLAR-Canine Kennel A 
Adoption Price $0.04 
Hi I'm a volunteer at the rescue. Cobie has done several home visits with me, so I have learned a lot about this boy outside shelter life. He loves car rides! I usually use a doggy seat belt and keep him in the 2nd row of my suv. He will sit and look out the window or just lay down. Sometimes if he could reach me, I would feel a tiny lick on the side of my face as I was driving. When we got to my home, I usually let him out right away in the backyard. Once he knows what door to use, he will pace by the door if he has to go potty. He has never had any potty accidents in my home. If I head upstairs or in the basement, he has no problems going up or down stairs. He can actually skip a few steps at once going upstairs. Cobie will also follow you around the house but will be independent and explore on his own for a while. I trust him with items laying around. He has no interest in things on the floor or decor on end tables he can reach. His favorite toys are heavy duty chew or a thick tug rope. If I had yard work to finish, Cobie would lay in the distance in the yard. When my neighbor came outside Cobie would give an alert bark and I feel with new people a slower introduction would be appropriate. At the shelter a year ago, I was new to Cobie and we did a slow intro where we would walk together a few times. He is also very affectionate after he knows you. When he was visiting my home, I had to complete work on my iPad so Cobie got cozy next to me on my couch and fell asleep. Due to his larger size, I would probably say no kids. He is not really aware of his body movements enough and would knock over a small child. I also think the fast movements might startle him and he won't settle into a home as fast. I hope you can see Cobie fitting into your life and being a forever pet.