Meet Carrie
Animal ID 45206365 
Species Reptile 
Breed Snake 
Age 3 years 5 months 16 days 
Gender Unknown 
Size Small 
Color Orange/Brown 
Housetrained Unknown 
Adoption Price $65.00 
Stage Available
Carrie the corn snake takes awhile to feel comfortable with new surroundings. Her current tank is covered on three sides to make her feel safer. She likes aspen in her hides to burrow in. A terrarium with a very secure lid is a must.

Carrie is a gentle snake when handled, and hasn't shown aggression to my son or I. When she first arrived she tried to stay as small as possible when held, with quick bursts of speed when escape seemed possible. Over four months later and she will stretch out and explore when held. She's gone from hiding away at all times, to poking out of her hiding spots to see what's happening, and hanging around at the front of her tank.

Carrie is a VERY SHY eater and may go without eating awhile until she settles into her new home. It was three months before she consistently ate weekly. Currently she's eating small fuzzy frozen thawed feeder mice. The mice need to be thawed in lukewarm water for 15 minutes, then warmed further with a hair dryer. Carrie will not eat in her tank, and has to be moved to her dinner box, the box covered with a towel, and left undisturbed for an hour or so.

A patient reptile enthusiast not seeking an immediately settled and entertaining snake would be her best match. For the first few weeks, or months, you may have to disassemble Carrie's tank to find where she's hiding. You may be throwing away uneaten mice until she's settled enough to eat. Your patience will be rewarded though the first time you catch her watching you from her tank, drinking water with people around, and calmly hanging out with you on the couch.