Meet Delfina
Animal ID 44170999 
Species Dog 
Breed Terrier/Chinese Shar-Pei 
Age 3 years 9 months 10 days 
Gender Female 
Color Brown 
Declawed No 
Site Foster Program 
Looking for an energetic 68 pound gal who will alert you to anything that seems amiss inside or outside? Give you a diving hello? Think racing around is really fun - both inside and out? And most importantly, love you with her whole heart and then some? Then Delfina is the "Girl" for you! (We nicknamed her Girl!) Delfina is all this and more. She's over the top, living life full blast. And she just knows there's a someone out there who will be as devoted to her as she will be to them.

Just look at her sweet face! She is a happy and fun-loving dog who loves, Loves, LOVES her people! Delfina will benefit from ongoing training to channel her enthusiasm and help her learn boundaries and appropriate play spaces. (She's already nailed the crate training and is housebroken - yay Delfina!) Delfina probably isn't best in a house with wee ones (see the part about diving hellos). She will thrive in a home where she has outdoor space to run around and/or with a family that goes on long walks, or jogs or hikes - you get the idea, this gal needs exercise and space to minimize indoor "zoomies." You can turn everything into a game, as she sniffs out her food, and works for treats. Developing a routine that includes mentally and physically stimulating activities will created a tuckered out pup who will welcome an end of the day snuggle. Delfina isn't sure about other pets and new people as much as she is her "family people," but give her some time and go slow for increased chances of success in her spreading her love around. Check out this wonderful gal in action in her video:

If you think you're the person, or family, to fulfill Delfina's needs, and in return be rewarded with a fantastic, loving companion, send an email to and let us know how Delfina would be a great fit in your life.