Meet Addy
Species Cat 
Breed Domestic Shorthair/Mix 
Age 8 years 14 days 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Color Black 
Declawed No 
Location foster 
I watch, I wait, and I listen. My roommates know this so they come to me to get the best advice a cat can give! Perhaps you're wondering who I am? Well, the humans call me Addy and I liked it enough that I decided to keep it. They also keep giving me wet food as a reward for my services to the other cats, which is just as things should be. I'll check up on the humans I like by giving them a sniff, but none of them have proven themselves worthy of petting me yet. Perhaps I'll meet such a human one day? If so, I hope to meet them soon--new things can be a bit scary, but it would be exciting to meet such a person! For now, I'll keep cuddling with my buddies and paying attention, so I don't lead the others astray. After all, perhaps we'll get more wet food soon that way...

Addy is feline leukemia positive and must go to a home without other cats or with other feline leukemia positive cats. Furry Friends Refuge provides ongoing veterinary care to our feline leukemia cats at no cost to the adopter. So if you're looking to truly save an animal, consider a feline leukemia cat like Addy! Addy has also been sponsored, meaning there is no fee to adopt her!