Meet Naajy
Animal ID 42424673 
Species Dog 
Breed Great Dane 
Age 2 years 3 months 7 days 
Gender Male 
Size XL 
Color White/Black 
Site Big Dog Ranch Rescue 
Location Foster 
Stage Available
Meet Kneesaa (K Nee sa) and Naajy (Naa gee) a female and male Great Dane. Both are five years old. Kneesaa probably got her name from an ewok princess by that name from the Star Wars movies. She is the merle color (which is sort of a dapple gray). We haven't figured out the origins of Naajy's name. He is the black and white Dane which is called Harlequin coloring. They have been a pair for the past 5 years and are very bonded, sleeping side by side often with one's head on the other's back and always keeping track of the other. They look for each other outside and just act like best friends. They were probably Mom and Dad to many Great Dane pups in their first 5 years and now they are entering a new phase of their lives where they are best friends and companions to each other and their human family.
Both love attention and will lean on you to remind you are they are there and it's time for you to pet them. They get along with other dogs- mainly ignoring them unless it looks like they are going somewhere exciting and the two will join in together. They both like to ride in cars and spend all the time they can with you. They will eat nicely side by side without taking the other's food (as long as you gave each of them food.) We understand they lived with multiple chihuahuas so they probably get along with small dogs also. They have not been cat tested and I don't know if a chihuahua would be like a cat to them or not. Not much prey drive has been seen, though if a squirrel taunts them they will make it go further up the tree just because squirrels should not be doing that to them. They most like to be with people and a part of whatever you are doing.
When AKC decides to give titles for countersurfing, these both have a lock on those titles and until then they are practicing for when that day comes and helping you remember to keep your counters cleaned. With their tails they can help you clean off the lower lying things like coffee tables. Usually the tails are wagging when they see you or for you to talk with them.
Neither one barks a lot but when they do you don't mistake the bark for a chihuahua. They seem very patient with dogs here (weims) who want to try to assert dominance over a larger dog and just wait for the weim to settle. Their activity level is not high. They will take a good lope around the yard to check things out but see no need for ten laps around the yard. After that it is good to come in and rest a bit and appreciate the benefits of AC and leisure. Both are very food motivated and have learned sit and come when called. When coming to you they are not able to stop or turn on a dime so be ready for their arrival.
Kneesaa is about 107# and Naajy is about 117# which some have said is small for a Great Dane. You don't have to bend over to pet them either. They have been spayed and neutered and are up to date on vaccinations and were Heartworm negative.
If you are interested in giving this pair a home please fill out an application with Big Dog Ranch Rescue and you can contact Anita Brannon ( for more information on this pair. They are being fostered in the Tampa/Brooksville area.