Meet Cinderella
Animal ID 42010742 
Species Cat 
Breed Domestic Shorthair/Mix 
Age 2 years 4 months 28 days 
Gender Female 
Size Small 
Color Black/Brown 
Declawed No 
Housetrained Unknown 
Site Melissa’s Menagerie’s Second Chances 
Location Foster Home 
Intake Date 5/24/2019 
Adoption Price $50.00 
Hello everyone, I'm Cinderella, age two, and apologetic mother of every goon who just added their bio on this page. "Be professional", I tell them. "Future owners are watching", I say. But do they listen? Of course not. I love my babies, I really do, but I am so ready for them to get their own jobs, their own places, and their own lives. It's tough being the mother of so many characters at once. I'm ready to just be someone's pet, someone's BFF, "JUMPING JEHOSHAPHAT, PIPE DREAM. YOU DO NOT SEE THINGS THAT AREN'T THERE! STOP SCARING YOUR SISTER!" Sorry about that. Motherhood is tough. I'm ready for a change. I just need, "FOR GOODNESS SAKE CAROUSEL, I DON'T CARE IF YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER IS UNCLE SCAR! ALLEGRO IS NOT MUFASA!" See what I mean, I need a break from all of this. I just need to be my own cat again. I need peace and quiet. I need my chin scratched when I want it scratched, and I want to be left alone-"SOUND OF MUSIC! FOR JUST ONCE CAN WE TRY THE SOUND OF SILENCE?" Sorry, she's learning the Bassoon. Horrible instrument. Seriously. Take my babies. Take them all. They're really good, I promise. Perfect angels. Everything they wrote about themselves is mostly untrue. And when they are all safe in good homes, can someone please take me? I'm fully vetted and ready to go, so this will blessedly be my last batch of babies. I just want a second chance at living my best life now.