Meet Orion
Animal ID 41778621 
Species Dog 
Breed Great Dane 
Age 3 years 11 months 19 days 
Gender Male 
Size XL 
Color Black 
Housetrained Yes 
Site Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue 
Location Fargo, ND 
Adoption Price $400.00 
ARN 19-046 
Status: Medical Hold

8/20/2019 Introducing Orion
Orion is a healthy and handsome 3 1/2 half year old black boy with a splash of white on his chest. He is definitely a family man who enjoys his home and loves his family. He is currently living with a woman, her 18 year old son, 3 dogs and 2 cats and does well with all of them! He has a sweet soul and wants to please his family. He enjoys play time with both the people and other dogs in his foster home and then likes to snuggle with the people. If offered, he would enjoy the opportunity to share your bed at night too. Orion is apprehensive with new people (mostly men) so he needs slow, calm introductions. Since living with his foster family, Orion has been observed to be uncomfortable with young children and their activity and loudness so his forever home cannot have children younger than 12 years old.

His in-house behaviors are very good and he does well with free roam. He will help himself to bread if it is left out, but otherwise does not get into trouble. Orion loves to parade around with his favorite stuffed animal. He has a cute habit of nose booping the squeaky toys to make them squeak. He enjoys sun bathing on the deck and running around the yard. Orion would really enjoy a dog playmate in his adoptive home as he has always lived with other animals and really enjoys the dog playmates in his foster home. His adoptive home must have a physically fenced yard. Given the opportunity, Orion would wander off exploring. Tie outs could not contain him at his former home.

Orion is a well mannered boy with his trusted people. He knows the commands sit, shake, and sometimes leave it. His foster family is working on fine tuning some other behaviors. He is a sweet boy who wants to please. Proper leash walking is a work in progress as he does get excited on leash when he seems something or someone he wants to meet.

Do you think you might be have the home and family that Orion is waiting to call his own? If so, this is what you need to do:

~ If you have already completed the application process and are an approved adopter with UMGDR, please contact Hannah at to discuss your interest in Orion.
~ If you are not an approved adopter through UMGDR, you must complete our application process before you may consider adopting a dog through our Rescue. Please visit to complete an application and submit your $25 application fee to begin the process. Please note that we cannot guarantee that this dog will still be available for adoption by the time you have completed our application process and have become an approved adopter.