Meet Stripey
Animal ID 41375695 
Species Cat 
Breed Domestic Shorthair/Mix 
Age 7 years 2 months 21 days 
Gender Female 
Color Grey 
Declawed No 
Stripey is a shy but friendly girl.  

She follows her foster mom around and is happy to chat, but would prefer not to be touched.  However, she will occasionally take cat treats by hand!  She likes food (and especially Temptation treats) - when she hears her foster mom tap on the cupboard and shake the bag of treats, she comes running straight over!

Stripey is docile with other cats in her foster home, but generally gets along well with them, and would love to be in a forever home with friendly cats.  She has slept at the far end of the bed occasionally with her foster, along with the other kitties :)

Although she is shy with new people, once she gets to know you (and especially if she knows treats are on the way) she will definitely make an appearance.

Stripey is a really pretty girl - grey with diffuse stripes and amber eyes.  She is clean, uses the litter box and has learned to use the scratching post regularly!
To learn more about Stripey and how to adopt, please leave your number and the best time to reach you at 416-410-3835 or at
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