Meet Kitters
Animal ID 39526855 
Species Cat 
Breed Domestic Shorthair/Mix 
Age 3 years 3 days 
Gender Female 
Color Grey 
Declawed No 
Kitters is a beautiful short haired grey tabby cat with very soft fur and green eyes. She spent the first couple years of her life hanging around an auto supply store. Since Kitters has been in foster care, she is completely content to stay indoors. She is an easy, low maintenance cat and has excellent litter box habits.

Kitters likes to engage the older resident cat by lying down in front of him and rubbing against him, and they are often sleeping nearby each other. When one of them (usually the resident cat) walks into the room, you can be sure the other cat is not far behind. Then they scurry off together like two teenagers up to no good. If you happen to have a cat in need of a feline friend ......or partner in crime...... Kitters could be a great choice for you!

Generally, Kitters tends to keep her distance from her human companion. She doesn't like being held much, however when she doesn't run away from your approach, she is very welcoming of a lengthy session of pets and scratches and is quite tolerant of kisses.

Kitters prefers to hang out with the resident cat than chill out on the couch or sleep on the bed with her human companion, but she will make multiple passes to the food dish during evening human chill out time, often stopping to watch a bit of tv and hang out in the room for a while. She keeps her but distance but she is comfortable enough to be out and about .

On a rare occasion, Kitters has demonstrated a playful side. She's been spotted batting small things across the floor and the vacation foster reported some feet- under-the-blanket chasing.

During Kitters ‘ week-long stay with another foster as the only pet in a smaller, contained environment she was more friendly, forthcoming and interactive with this vacation foster. Therefore, Kitters may also do well as an only cat in smaller environment with an attentive, loving, available and patient human companion/s.
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