Meet Snowshine
Species Dog 
Breed Terrier/Mix 
Age 1 year 10 months 7 days 
Gender Female 
Size Large 
Color White/Cream 
Snowshine was originally a meat dog, living a life of misery on a Korean dog meat farm, squeezed into a cramped cage with many other dogs waiting to die. Fortunately the Humane Society International - Canada stepped in and rescued her and brought her to their shelter in Montreal. They reached out to Marley's Hope to see if we could assist Snowshine on her journey. Last June she came to our shelter and gave birth to 8 wee babies. All of the pups were adopted out to loving homes and now its Snowshine's turn to find her forever family.
Snowshine, or Snowy as she is affectionately known now, is a smart girl who needs a family who will understand her special needs and work with her on moving past her fears and building her confidence. She's made incredible progress and now we turn to you.
Due to her traumatic past, Snowy is a cautious, nervous girl. While she has come a long way in learning to trust, she remains very guarded with people. She is wary of human contact and becomes skittish if people attempt to pet her. She has never shown any aggression and tends to run/hide when feeling overwhelmed. She is very independent and only seeks interaction with people on her terms; she will likely never be the type dog that enjoys cuddling or wants excessive attention. Snowy is very curious and very food motivated, a nice piece of cheese is the quickest way to this girl's heart.
Snowy's nervous nature makes her a high flight risk and so a fenced in back yard would be a must for her as she only reluctantly allows a leash and harness to be placed on her. The big outside world is still a challenge for Snowy and while she appears to enjoy the outdoors, her new family would need to be aware that many things still frighten her, so extra caution needs to be taken on leash outside of a secure fenced area. She walks exceptionally well on leash and is improving all the time with regard to loud noises/traffic/bicycles, etc.
Inside the home, the more playful side of Snowy's personality can be seen. She loves other dogs and often initiates play with them. She draws from their confidence and learns about being a regular dog, so Snowy would do best in a home with at least one other confident dog who is interested in moderate energy play. She has not been cat tested and due to her nervousness, she would prefer a home with children 12+. She has not been crate trained as she (understandably, from living in a cage) fears confined spaces. She is generally not destructive when left alone, although she does like to re-decorate with any paper lying around and is a yarn thief, should you leave your knitting unattended.
When presented with a new challenge or environment, Snowy starts off timidly but then meets the challenge head on and does very well. Each time her confidence increases a little more, helping her to come out of her shell. Her new family will need to be patient with her in helping her overcome her past and allow her sweet nature to really shine through. This little girl has come so far on her journey, now she needs a loving family to help her along the way.
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