Meet Lila
Species Dog 
Breed Korean Jindo/Mix 
Age 2 years 3 months 15 days 
Gender Female 
Size Large 
Color White/Yellow 
Lila, a 2-3 year old Jindo mix, is now available for adoption.

She is a dog and cat lover and looking for a home where she can have some 4 -legged siblings.

While she will be initially fearful of new people and places - she will gain comfort and confidence with time, patience, and care. As she gains confidence, she can get mischievous and has a tendency to be mildly destructive- chews papers she may find (mind your mail & your homework!) or tv remotes! So she is crate trained for her own safety overnight or if you need to leave for short periods of time.

She has shown zero signs of aggression but she can get excited when receiving treats and sometimes plays rough for her size with both dogs and people. Given such behaviours of getting in to things left out, snappiness with treats, and high energy play style - she likely will not do well in a home with children under 8.

She requires at least one dog sibling - she cannot be an only dog as she relies on the other dogs in her home for support and guidance. She is fine with both men and women - good with all dogs - and has been respectful & good with cats. Any loud or high energy person or creature can frighten her but with higher energy dogs she does quickly overcome the fear (once she can trust it's not aggression) and will match that energy level in play.

Given that she is still so timid of new people and situations, despite walking quite well on leash when she has had to, she will need a fully fenced yard for exercise and bio breaks for the first few months in her forever home with limited pressure or expectation to go out into the big scary and busy world.

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