Meet Selena- FIV+
Species Cat 
Breed Domestic Shorthair/Mix 
Age 3 years 19 days 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Color Black/White 
Declawed No 
Site Voorhees Animal Orphanage 
Location Cattery 
ARN 39576 
Selena is a 3 year old FIV+ beauty who was sadly surrendered by her owner when a very sick family member moved into the home. Unfortunately, a pet cannot be present while this person receives treatment for his illness. Needless to say, this is a sad situation all the way around. We are doing our best to make Selena feel welcome and comfortable. Although an FIV+ kitty's immune system is compromised, Selena has remained in good health and was happy being in a home. She enjoys being petted, sitting on the couch and viewing birds from a window. Selena keeps her fur well groomed and pretty. She is not a picky eater and has neat litter box manners. Unfortunately, Selena is becoming more and more stressed at the shelter. She has been waiting a long time and needs to be adopted as soon as possible. Selena prefers to be the only pet in the house. If you believe in second chances like we do, please consider giving dear Selena a second chance. Her adoption fee is only $10.

(Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is a slow-acting virus that weakens a cat's immune system. It can make a cat susceptible to various secondary infections. Some cats live for a long time without any symptoms. Although Selena prefers to be your only pet, FIV+ cats can live with other cats as long as everyone gets along.)