Meet Kikiriki
Animal ID 2000138876 
Species Cat 
Breed Domestic Shorthair/Mix 
Age 2 years 4 months 15 days 
Gender Male 
Color Brown 
Declawed No 
Kikiriki is a very chatty and cuddly boy with the cutest face and smallest body. Rescued from outside, he's now happily settled indoors with humans.

He follows you like your shadow, always seeking rubs against your legs or affectionate pets. His meow requests are either for treats, cuddles, or playtime, in that order, and there are plenty of requests. He's sociable around family and friends, eager for attention and pets once he's given them a good sniff of approval.

Lately, he's become more playful with his toys, inspecting them at his own pace but thoroughly enjoying them. He loves the views on his cat hammock, putting him to sleep most times. While he's happy to nap/sleep with you, he also appreciates snoozing on the couch.

Kikiriki is tidy with his litter box, adores curling up for naps, and loves playing with anything on a string, especially balls and springs. He loves chasing them and enjoys playing cat football. He likes to dig his nails into a good ol' vertical cat post/mat.

You'll also never have to worry about forgetting a mealtime because he will graciously remind you. He can get excited and anxious but he has tunnel vision when it's time to eat.

He needs his own time to warm-up and adjust to new environments; sniffing and rubbing against all your furniture. Food is a great motivator for him; he even knows how to 'sit' and 'stay'. He's bright and observant, sometimes gently tapping your leg for attention; or quick swats with his paw at the back of your leg for play. At times he will play independently or take cat naps on his hammock.

He'd thrive with at least one person around for lap naps and cuddles or in a family setting where he can enjoy plenty of attention.

Kikiriki is positive for FIV and negative for feline leukemia. Like all ACR cats, he has been treated for fleas and parasites.
Cats with FIV can live a long and happy life. You can read more about FIV on our website here:

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